JPR: Nvidia reclaimed some market share last quarter

The folks at Jon Peddie Research have compiled some graphics hardware shipment figures for the third quarter, and their numbers suggest Nvidia has reclaimed some market share from AMD. At the same time, Intel saw its piece of the pie grow about two points:

Vendor Q3 2009 Q2 2010 Q3 2010
AMD 20.1% 25.0% 22.3%
Intel 53.6% 53.4% 55.6%
Nvidia 25.3% 20.7% 21.2%

JPR says AMD has attributed its market share decline to "weakened demand and OEMs letting their GPU inventory run down to avoid being stuck with leftover processors." Some of AMD's customers switched to Nvidia products "due to real and perceived shortages in supply," the research firm adds.

Looking at the graphics market as a whole—and remember, JPR mixes integrated and discrete offerings—today's report shows that shipments were down 1% from the second quarter, allegedly because of reduced notebook sales. (JPR says the iPad could be partly to blame here, since Apple has already shipped 8 million of 'em.) Compared to the third quarter of 2009, however, Q3 2010 shipments were actually up a cool 10%.

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