Tuesday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Microsoft's outgoing Chief Software Architect on the 'post-PC world'
  2. TechFlash reports Google leads charge to dismiss Paul Allen's 'scattershot'
    lawsuit and Google admits they collected e-mails, passwords
  3. TC Magazine: Intel starts reporting tech news on new site
  4. DigiTimes: Microsoft to charge royalty fees to prevent Acer,
    Asus from using Android in netbooks, say Taiwan makers
    and hard drive shortage may persist through 1Q11
  5. Fudzilla: AMD VP hints at Llano graphics performance
    and AMD officially confirms some 6850 with 1120 shaders
    and Sapphire on 6850 with 1120 shaders
  6. X-bit labs report AMD to let graphics card makers
    manufacture own-designed Radeon HD 6000 cards
  7. TUAW reports Ortustech launches 4.8" 1080p display
  8. Microsoft: We are doubling down on PC games


  1. Channel Register reports Mark Hurd fingered in hp bribe case after probe
  2. C|Net reports beleaguered Digg announces more layoffs
  3. Google CEO: Don't like Google Street View
    photographing your house? Then move.
  4. DigiTimes reports Intel CEO Otellini to visit Taiwan on tight schedule
  5. Ars Technica: French three strikes agency getting 25,000 complaints a day
  6. DSLReports: Telcos going to lose significant market share due to DSL
    and Nokia's 825Mbps DSL: Don't hold your breath
    and Boost rewards customers for paying bills
    and Comcast takes Xfinity video out of beta
  7. The Register reports Intel stretches hypervisor across Xeon 5600, Freescale
  8. VR-Zone reports Asus introduces the Asus-Lamborghini VX6 netbook
  9. TC Magazine reports Patriot debuts the Torqx TRB JMicron-based SSDs
  10. Engadget reports Pioneer and Buffalo announce
    first 128GB BDXL optical disc burners for PCs
  11. 9 to 5 Mac: Apple TV having a skipping problem
  12. C|Net reports stats don't support hype: Digital music is ailing
  13. Ashes to ashes, Devo to dust: Ars says RIP Sony Walkman
  14. The Engadget Show - 014
  15. Rbmods.com has NZXT fall giveaway
  16. Dealzon's deals: $100 off 15.6" Gateway NV5929u i5, $40 rebate for 128GB
    Kingston SSDNow V series, $200 off coupon for 21.5" Lenovo B305 AMD
    X3 touchscreen, and $232 off 10" Lenovo S10-3t tablet

  1. DailyTech reports Wi-Fi Direct launches today
  2. Engadget reports Adobe confirms Flash Player 10.1
    is coming to BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and more
  3. Engadget's BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator Beta hands-on
  4. TC Magazine reports Galaxy Tab to launch
    through Sprint on November 14, starts at $400
    Best Buy to sell 3G-less Samsung Galaxy Tab for $500
  5. MacDailyNews shares rumor: Verizon Wireless
    hiring hundreds ahead of iPhone launch
  6. BGR reports security flaw allows calls (and
    more) from a locked iPhone running iOS 4.1
  7. Engadget reports Palm Pre 2 and webOS 2.0 showcased in new commercial
    and Samsung to unveil new Android device November 8th
  8. C|Net reports Windows Phone 7 limits camera access for apps
  9. SuperSite's Windows Phone 7 feature focus: Hubs
  10. OCIA reviews SGP Ultra Slider Crystal Series iPhone 4 case
  11. TUAW reports VLC 1.1.0 now available for all iOS devices
  12. MCV: Now Angry Birds head to Nokia
  13. TechFlash reports Kindle sales soaring to unspecified heights
  14. WSJ reports B&N aims e-books at kids

  1. Shuttleworth: Unity shell will be default desktop in Ubuntu 11.04
  2. Mac and Windows: TechFlash reports Microsoft's two Office teams getting tighter
  3. Download Squad reports Miro 3.5 now ready to
    download, manage, play, and convert all your videos
  4. TUAW: Windows Phone 7 Connector Beta available for download by Mac users
  5. Windows 7 SP1 RC now available on NGOHQ.com
  6. Simple Port Forwarding 3.0.12
  7. Nvidia Inspector 1.93.2
  8. PeaZip 3.4

  1. Kotaku: PSP2 hits next fall with dual analog sticks, touch pad, and bigger screen
  2. Ars Technica: PSP Go still too expensive after price drop to $200
  3. Massively shares rumor: APB buyout apparently
    nearing the "light at the end of the tunnel"
  4. Ars Technica on BlizzCon 2010: Diablo III
    demon hunters, PvP, and Protoss iron chefs
  5. Shacknews has StarCraft II BlizzCon 2010 interview: Lead producer Chris Sigaty
  6. Gaming Heaven covers BlizzCon 2010
  7. Canessa: Blizzard trying to 'wrap its head around' anonymity issues
  8. Eurogamer: Valve shouldn't trademark DOTA - Blizzard
  9. IGN on the history of Blizzard
  10. Amnesia developers discuss sales, piracy & future of Frictional Games
    Red Dead Redemption 'Undead Nightmare' and Halo: Reach DLC
    trailers at Shacknews
  11. Fudzilla: Black Ops leaked copies appear legit and Diablo III will have a beta
  12. Planet Battlefield reports on upcoming Bad Company 2 PC fixes
  13. EA hits the open road with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit demo
  14. Wired on 9 risky moves that changed gaming forever
  15. Ars Technica says Fallout: New Vegas is buggy as hell; where's the outrage?
  16. Shacknews has Diablo III Demon Hunter hands-on preview
  17. Gaming Heaven reviews Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (Xbox 360)
  18. Steam's weeklong sales: 85% off on DogFighter & 50% off on Puzzle Dimension
    and Civilization V DLC now available on Steam
Systems, storage, and power

  1. Björn3D reviews 4GB Kingston H2O 2133MHz dual channel kit
  2. ThinkComputers reviews 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1600 dual channel kit
  3. Funky Kit reviews 160GB OCZ IBIS SSD with HSDL
  4. Hardware Bistro reviews 30GB Kingston SSDNow V desktop kit
  5. UMLan reviews 2TB Seagate FreeAgent FreeAgent GoFlex Desk
    and FreeAgent GoFlex Home network storage and Thermaltake
    BlacX 5G HDD docking station
  6. [H]ard|OCP reviews 1200W Antec High Current Pro PSU
  7. TweakTown reviews Thermaltake Toughpower Grand TPG-750M PSU

  1. Techgage tests AMD Radeon HD 6870 & HD 6850 in CrossFireX
  2. Guru3D's HIS HD 6850 & 6870 review
  3. t-break reviews MSI R6870 and R6850
  4. Neoseeker reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 6870
  5. TweakTown's HIS HD 6850 w/ 1120 shaders overclocked
  6. C|Net on monitor tech: Panel technology and you
  7. iGadget Life reviews 23" LG Flatron W2340VG 1080p LCD monitor
  8. TechReviewSource on Samsung LN46C650 46" LCD TV
  9. iFixit's Logitech Revue teardown
  10. Hardware Heaven reviews SteelSeries Shift gaming keyboard
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