StorageReview's RAID comparison

This came out on Valentine's Day so I'm pretty sure that I missed it. StorageReview has written a titanic RAID performance comparison between the Promise SuperTrak 100 and 3Ware Escalade 6400 ATA-100 cards. Some people have been asking for a SuperTrak 100 review and they do you one better by including the Escalade card. This aims to be a comprehensive review where they take a look at RAID from a lot of different angles so take your time (15 pages with tons of benchmarks ~ sheer madness). Very worthwhile but makes your eyes glaze over this early in the morning. How does the SuperTrak perform? Well, let's just say that Promise will be releasing two more cards in the near future: the SuperTrak-100SX6 and the FastTrak100SX4. The Escalade is in the here and now, however. Great but exhaustive reading.

More currently, SR reviews the Yama(ma)ha 16/10/40 SCSI burner.

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