Catalyst 10.10c graphics driver hotfix now available

AMD is in a graphics driver release frenzy. Just five days ago, the company rolled out its Catalyst 10.10 drivers alongside a 10.10a hotfix update. Today, a download page for a new, Catalyst 10.10c driver hotfix appeared on AMD's support site.

The download link appears to be broken right now, but it's an easy fix if you use Chrome or Firefox with the Firebug extension. Just right-click on the link, select "Inspect element," and remove "/9486" from the URL. You should be able to grab the 118MB file and get the hotfix installed.

According to the "hotfix features list," this 10.10c update introduces beta support for OpenGL 4.1, adds a new CrossFire profile for Dead Rising 2, and improves CrossFire performance in Metro 2033, F1 2011 (in DirectX 9 mode), and Fallout: New Vegas. AMD mentions other additions, but those are the same, word for word, as on the 10.10a download page. Presumably, the changes from the 10.10a hotfix were rolled into the 10.10c update.

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