Third-gen Intel X25-M SSD reportedly sold in China

These days, solid-state drives based on SandForce, Marvell, and Indilinx controllers are generating all the media buzz. Intel is still hard at work on the next generation of its famous X25-M SSD line, however, and we may see the fruits of its labor before too long. Expreview reports that a third-gen X25-M drive has found its way onto Chinese online auction site Taobao.

Reportedly, X25-M G3 SSDs will feature 25-nm multi-level-cell NAND flash (manufactured by IMFT, of course); capacities of 160GB, 300GB, and 600GB; top read speeds of 250MB/s; and top write speeds of 170MB/s. Expreview quotes prices ranging from 2,400 to 8,000 Chinese Yuan, which works out to about $359-$1,197. Considering Intel hasn't even announced the drives yet, I wouldn't be surprised if those prices were jacked up a tad.

Expreview nabbed several pictures from the auction site, as well: one of an actual drive, which bears the model number SSDSA2BW300G3, and a handful of HD Tune screenshots that show the performance of a 160GB variant with the model number SSDSA2BW160G3. Judging by those shots, the 160GB X25-M G3 manages 218MB/s with reads and 167.4MB/s with writes—still a ways off the top speeds we've gotten out of SandForce-based offerings. Of course, we'll have to get the X25-M G3 in our labs to confirm these still very much unofficial numbers.

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