Designer laptop has fancy materials, underwhelming hardware

Danish designer and former MacBook modder Munk Bogballe has announced a new laptop for, well, rich people. The Classic Bespoke starts at over $7,000 and comes draped in luxurious materials, including hand-shaped aluminum, aniline leather, sipo mahogany, and the option to have power and reset buttons inset with pearls, gold, or a selection of precious stones—real bling. Since you wouldn't want such a system poking out of a commoner's laptop bag, Bogballe offers one of his own crafted from the "finest quality of European ox leather."

With a lofty price tag and sumptuous materials, one might expect the Classic Bespoke laptop to ripple with impressive hardware. Sadly, that's not the case. The system has a 13.4" display with a 1366x768 resolution, a Core i5-540UM CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and obligatory Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and webcam components. You don't even get a discrete graphics processor. And don't go thinking this is an especially slender ultraportable, either. The system is more than an inch thick and weighs in excess of five pounds. I suppose that's fine if your butler's going to be carrying it.

At least Bogballe promises to make a donation to the One Laptop per Child project for every computer purchased, although the exact amount of that donation isn't given. I hope it's substantial, because there seems to be plenty of margin built into the Classic Bespoke laptop.

The prospect of an uber-expensive luxury laptop isn't all that unreasonable considering the amount wealthy folks spend on some items. However, given the hardware under the hood, Bogballe's creation looks more like a re-skinned Chevy Malibu than a Rolls Royce Phantom. You can blame Engadget for this one.

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