Release roundup: Slates, SSDs, and notebooks

We've got a couple of exciting items in today's roundup of product launches: a new solid-state drive from OCZ and a fresh slate-type device from Barnes & Noble. Meanwhile, Eurocom and Cooler Master have chipped in with a pair of announcements.

  • Barnes & Noble introduces Nookcolor, the ultimate reading experience. While marketed mainly as an e-book reader, this 7-inch contraption appears to have more in common with a cheap iPad rival. It has a 1024x600 color touch-screen LCD, runs Google's Android operating system, comes with 8GB of storage capacity, and features 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity. Barnes & Noble is also inviting developers to create third-party apps for the device. Not bad for a $249 product that tips the scales at just under a pound. Battery life doesn't sound exceptional, though—it's supposed to be only eight hours with Wi-Fi off.

  • OCZ Technology launches the RevoDrive X2. Remember the original OCZ RevoDrive? The X2 is based on the very same concept, but it has even quicker transfer speeds—up to 740MB/s while reading and 720MB/s while writing—as well as higher capacities—from 100GB to 960MB. OCZ says the drive uses an onboard RAID 0 array with four SandForce 1200 controllers and a PCI Express x4 interface. Like the original, the RevoDrive X2 is also bootable.

  • Mobile gaming redefined. That's kind of a bold title for a press release announcing Cooler Master's latest laptop cooler, but this guy looks pretty fancy. It supports 19" notebooks (those exist?!) and comes with four "advanced" USB 3.0 ports, seven colored light profiles, a "swift" carrying handle, and two 140-mm adjustable fans that can spin at 2,600 RPM. The fans sit on a removable bracket and, if I'm reading the press release right, can be replaced with 120-mm fans if the user so chooses.

I was a little bit skeptical of that Nook color device at first, but the more I read about it, the more interesting it seems. With a decent app catalog, it could be a suitable netbook replacement for folks who need little more than to browse the web and check their Facebook wall from the couch.

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