New details revealed about Asus' upcoming slates

Asus has a cornucopia of slate devices primed for releases over the coming months, and DigiTimes has gotten the scoop about them straight from the company's CEO, Jerry Shen.

According to Shen, Asus will begin its onslaught in January with a 12" Windows- and Intel-powered slate. The company has "made several enhancements in related technologies including touch control and user interface," DigiTimes explains, so it sounds like the device might not end up running just a plain version of Windows 7.

Next up will be two pairs of smaller slates, one with 7" displays and the other with 9" displays, which will arrive in March. DigiTimes says one of the 7" slates will be Wi-Fi-only, while the other will be able to tap into 3.5G cellular networks and will feature "phone functions." Meanwhile, one of the 9" devices will have Android running atop an Nvidia Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip, and the other will incorporate a "Wintel platform." The article says something about a $100 price difference between the two; I'd expect the latter model to be priced a little higher. Windows licenses don't grow on trees.

We caught a glimpse at a 12" Eee Pad prototype at Computex this Spring, and it certainly seemed like an interesting—albeit potentially expensive—take on the whole slate concept, with a Consumer Ultra-Low-Voltage processor and a sort of keyboard dock. Strangely, though, today's DigiTimes story makes no mention of the 10" Eee Pad we also saw at the show.

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