Doom 3 and GeForce 3 share stage in Tokyo

Oooh, salivation. Check out this report from MacWhirled Tokyo about the GeForce 3/Doom 3 engine demo. The Carmack was on hand with an NV20 card to give the Mac crowd a special dose of eye candy:
David Kirk, chief scientist at Nvidia, showed a demo of the GeForce running on a G4 under Mac OS 9. Then John Carmack of Id Software showed some of the gaming company's future work running on the chip under Mac OS X.

"We've been doing hacks and tricks for years, but now we'll be able to do things we've been wanting to do for a long time," Carmack said. "For instance, every light has its own highlight and every surface casts a shadow, like in the real world. Everything can behave the same now and we can apply effects for every pixel."

During the eye-popping demo, what was shown was in actual game code and being done in real-time, he added.

"We're very excited about the quality we're getting," Carmack added. "This is a wonderful time to be in graphics and the GeForce 3 is the most exciting thing we've had to work with in years."

Now such hyperbolic praise coming from Steve Jobs would be just that—hyperbole. But from The Carmack, that's really saying something.

Also really saying something is the reported price of the GeForce 3 cards, which will apparently be available for Mac just a smidgen before the PC version arrives: US$600. TR will be initiating a plasma donor program to help fund cards for those of us without six hundred bucks laying around.

Then there was Jobs' bit of the presentation, which allowed a bit of revenge on NVIDIA's part for an exchange a while back between the PC graphics crowd and Pixar folks. (The Pixar folks did the dissing.) Get this:

"Have you seen Toy Story?" questioned Jobs. Jobs talked about the work that goes into the development of computer graphics and animation.

Jobs talked about the hours needed to render individual seconds of Luxo Jr ., the first Pixar movie, on a Cray supercomputer -- Kirk demonstrated Nvidia's interpretation of Luxo Jrand showed the cinematic effects being done in real-time.

Jobs called the GeForce3 a "real revolution."

Heh heh. Sweet revenge.

I'll take a GeForce 3 and Doom 3 now, please. Thanks.

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