Carmack blogs about Rage iPhone game

When id Software programmer and FPS pioneer John Carmack speaks, we listen. Sometimes, we even understand what he’s saying. In this post over at the Bethesda developer blog, Carmack kindly separates information on id’s upcoming Rage game for the iPhone from "technical geek details" that delve into exactly how he got it running on the smartphone.

Carmack explains that Rage for the iPhone uses the same "content creation pipeline and media" as the PC and console game, but that porting the full experience would have been a "hopelessly bad idea." Instead, the iPhone title is built around Mutant Bash TV, a combat game show that sounds like an arcadey shooter similar to Doom Resurrection. The game is billed as "all action, all the time," and Carmack claims its carefully crafted gameplay makes levels enjoyable to play over and over again.

If you’re itching to give your iPhone a dose of Rage, expect a hefty 700MB download. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the footprint of the full PC release, which will total 20GB. You’ll be able to get your hands on the iPhone game in November, nearly a year before Rage hits the PC and consoles. According to the Carmack, the high-def iPhone version will cost just $1.99.

The rest of the post goes on to discuss managing memory on the iPhone, using texture islands to improve performance, and bumping into OpenAL limits on the number of sound buffers. Carmack also goes over a couple of difficult technical decisions related to the game’s development. All in all, it’s an interesting read, if one that often flew over my head.

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    • martin0641
    • 9 years ago

    Why stick this on the iPhone? The PowerVR SGX 540 in my Galaxy S is a generation newer than the iPhone / iPad chip – and I think Android users are more likely to be their target market anyway.

    I don’t see a lot of Macs here…


    • DrCR
    • 9 years ago

    Wow, 20GB. Am I the only one getting excited about that? A 20GB game install — it’s got to be epic!

    • evilpaul
    • 9 years ago

    No ‘Rage Quit’ jokes yet? What are the Intarwebs coming to?

    • UberGerbil
    • 9 years ago

    g[<"The game is billed as "all action, all the time," and Carmack claims its carefully crafted gameplay makes levels enjoyable to play over and over again."<]g They should just resurrect Commander Keen.

    • Hrunga Zmuda
    • 9 years ago

    This will bring new meaning to the term Rageaholics.

    • lilbuddhaman
    • 9 years ago

    i just hope Rage really is good looking. To me, Doom 3 wasn’t very pretty. It was very low poly models with extremely huge textures placed on them. (and this is my experience / thoughts from release, not today).

    More importantly, i hope the game/gameplay itself is good. It could turn into a tech demo for vehicles / large maps, and the real game is another year out in the formed of a licensed engine title.

      • Frith
      • 9 years ago

      The problem is the gameplay in the Rage videos looks a lot like Doom 3. The sewers video is looks like Id’s standard walk down corridor, shoot mutant, walk further down corridor, shoot mutant. Id don’t seem to have moved with the times and are still making games with 90s gameplay. They seem to believe that the only thing that matters is the graphics.

    • darc
    • 9 years ago

    It’s gotta be about time for journalists to stop writing about “the iPhone” as if there were only one. I’m guessing this tech is iPhone 4 only?

    • PrincipalSkinner
    • 9 years ago

    20GB for PC release! How the hell do they expect people with slower connections to get it via bit torrent? 😀

      • sweatshopking
      • 9 years ago

      This is a problem. these days the swarms are so bad, it takes forever to get a 10gb game, even with a good connection! these guys really need to think about their pirates when they make these games.

        • conjurer
        • 9 years ago

        Yes, the pirates. After they download 20 Gb of game, then they must to extract it from many many 15Mb rar archives, and then they get few iso files, that the’ll mount with daemon tools and install game to hdd. So it totals to 60+ Gb. Steam users just download it and game takes only 20Gb.

        At least i get 100 Mbps almost all the time, so i have only disk space problems.

      • Voldenuit
      • 9 years ago

      Or Steam.

      And iPhone users have to contend with AT&T’s ludicrously low data limits 200 MB (!) on DataPlus and 2 GB on DataPro.

        • Usacomp2k3
        • 9 years ago

        That’s what WiFi is for.

    • shank15217
    • 9 years ago

    Sounds like its gonna kill iPhone battery performance like nothing before it.

      • Anonymous Coward
      • 9 years ago

      It’s just motivation to improve the platform.

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