Bit.Trip Beat coming to PC, Mac via Steam

Rhythm games are all the rage these days, and a series that's become popular on the Wii is coming to the PC and Mac. Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip Beat hits Steam tonight, and for the first week, it'll be available for 10% off the regular price of $10. The PC and Mac version of the game is rendered at a higher resolution than the Wii title, although that might not be immediately apparent with the game's retro-inspired graphics. Online leaderboards, achievements, and social networking integration have also been added. And, yes, you can play Beat with a keyboard and mouse.

According to Shacknews Beat is the first episode of a six-game series that fuses old-school arcade gameplay with rhythm elements and pesudo-8-bit graphics. Four chapters have been released for the Wii thus far, and they've all scored pretty well on MetaCritic. Gaijin plans to bring the entire series to the PC and hopes to get it onto other consoles, as well.

Given my love for games like Audiosurf and Rez, Bit.Trip Beat looks mighty tempting. My only worry is that I enjoy it too much and end up on the hook for the rest of the series. I told myself I was saving money by dipping into the world of inexpensive indie games, but the cost adds up, and it's a lot easier to drop $10 on impulse than it is to ring a game in at $50 or $60.

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