Report: AMD snags 62% discrete mobile GPU share

According to the Jon Peddie Research numbers we looked at last week, AMD has lost a wee bit of the overall graphics market to Intel and Nvidia. However, DigiTimes reports that, based on the latest Mercury Research data, AMD isn't doing too badly in the world of dedicated mobile GPUs. The site explains:

Mercury Research has just released its "PC Graphics Market Share Update" report for the third quarter of 2010 and for the second consecutive quarter, AMD is the market share leader in discrete graphics, according to AMD.

AMD continues to make inroads in the notebook discrete market, capturing an additional 5.6 share points and hitting 61.9% share in notebook discrete graphics.

Too bad DigiTimes doesn't say whether those are shipment or revenue share numbers, but either way, a 62% slice of the pie isn't too shabby. We can probably chalk that figure up to the tardy arrival of Nvidia's mid-range and low-end GeForce 400M mobile GPUs, which didn't launch until early September. Before then, Nvidia's only DirectX 11 product was the top-of-the-line, GF100-based GeForce GTX 480M.

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