Zalman to get into the solid-state drive business

One of the nice things about solid-state drives is that, with supply of flash chips and the right controllers, just about any firm can start selling SSDs emblazoned with its brand name. According to Tom's Hardware, that's just what Zalman is getting ready to do. Some of you might know Zalman for its quiet coolers, cases, power supplies, and headphones, among other products.

Tom's says the Korean company will offer two lines of SSDs: the S series, which will feature JMicron controllers and capacities of 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB, and the N series, which will have SandForce controllers, capacities of only 64GB and 128GB, and higher pricing. The site quotes prices of $99.99 to $249.99 for the S-series drives and $169.99 to $289.99 for their N-series brethren.

On the performance side of things, it sounds like N-series drives will be about on par with other SandForce-based offerings on the market today—you can reportedly expect top read speeds of 280MB/s and top write speeds of 270MB/s. Meanwhile, performance across the S series will vary depending on capacity, with write speeds of 60MB/s for the 32GB drive and 210MB/s for the 128GB top of the line.

Having an extra player in the already crowded solid-state drive market can't hurt, especially if it helps bring down prices. Those prices sound particularly aggressive, though. Corsair has 60GB SandForce drives selling for $124.99 right now.

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