Eee PC VX6 brings Lamborghini branding to netbooks

Asus has long had a line of luxury laptops lavished with Lamborghini branding. The latest notebook to wear the snorting bull logo seems like an odd choice for a supercar tie-in, though; it's an Atom-powered Eee PC. Styled after the Murcielago LP640 roadster, the Eee PC VX6 isn't the convertible tablet one might expect to result from that kind of inspiration. Instead, it's a more traditional 12" system with a 1366x768 display resolution, dual-core Atom D525 CPU, and next-gen Ion discrete GPU.

Those attributes put the VX6 at the top of the netbook heap, and Asus didn't stop there. The VX6 is endowed with dual USB 3.0 ports, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, and a 58Wh battery. Windows 7 Home Premium comes installed by default, giving users access to Nvidia's Optimus graphics switching tech, which isn't supported by the Starter edition of Win7 typically sold with netbooks. You also get Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio that Asus says delivers "stunning premium sound."

All the extras add up, making the VX6 a little beefier than the average ultraportable at over an inch thick and 3.3 lbs. The system's a looker, though. There are hints of brushed aluminum in the design, what look like matte palm rests, and a choice of white or black top panels.

How much does all this cost? About $800 according to Engadget. That's quite expensive for a netbook, although not outrageously so for one loaded with extras. The real problem here is the engine, which with dual Atom cores running at 1.8GHz, is more akin to something you'd find under the hood of a Smart car than a Lamborghini.

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