AMD quietly adjusts Phenom II X6 pricing

You might not know it from looking at AMD's official price list, but Phenom II X6 processors have gotten a fair amount cheaper all of a sudden—certainly an unusual development, since only about a month has passed since AMD expanded the family with its new 1075T model.

Looking at today's Newegg listings, I see the top-of-the-line Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition now selling for only $229.99, with the slower 1075T still priced at $239.99, and the 1055T available for $179.

A month ago, the 1090T would have set you back a good $274.99, and I recall that the 1055T cost around $199.99. The asking price for the 1075T hasn't budged, although I really wouldn't be surprised if it eventually came down, too. There's no sense offering a slower processor than the 1090T without an unlocked upper multiplier for more money, now, is there? (Thanks to TR reader Daniel for the heads up.)

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