Dell convertible tablet is coming soon

Remember that nifty convertible tablet design that Dell showed off at the Intel Developer Forum a couple of months ago? It turns out the prototype might have been further along than expected. Dell has posted a video proclaiming that the Inspiron Duo is "coming soon."

Engadget says the system is due out before the end of the year, which seems plausible if it's being teased already. Sadly, though, the 35-second video is short on details.

One thing seems certain, at least: the Duo has a tablet-optimized user interface. It's unclear whether the UI is running on top of Windows or another OS, but with SlashGear claiming there's an Atom CPU under the hood, Windows seems likely. That OS makes a lot of sense for a convertible tablet, especially if Dell intends to push the Duo as a notebook replacement rather than a complementary accessory. However, the hardware required to run Win7 will surely be more of a drain on battery life than the low-power ARM platforms popping up in Android-based slates.

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