More on GeForce 3 and x3dfx update

Do you like to be teased? C|Net has posted a streaming video presentation of Apple's introduction of the GeForce 3 and Doom 3 that Dr. Damage talks about below (thanks Glide Underground). More? Hercules has a bit of Flash animation to get you started. Dr. tnaw_xtennis follows up his analysis of the video core and memory speed of the GeForce 3 by throwing more eye candy at you. This time he has a picture of ELSA's GeForce 3 (Gladiac 920?). Not to be outdone, Forge lets us know that the NV driver (build 0.9-6) has Linux support for the GeForce 3. Detonator 6.66 NEDs and later all have Windows support built-in. He believes that the official Detonator 4 drivers will be out in six days. If you are interested, you can go to VR-Zone and follow their instructions to get the NVIDIA GF3 presentation slides originally posted by [H]ard|OCP but since removed.

x3dfx has updated their Win9x/Me/2K drivers for the 3dfx Voodoo cards which fixes the FSAA problem that the previous driver release had. These drivers do not come with any official support.

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