New Battlefield game is free to play

What do you get when you combine the most popular maps from Battlefield 2 with the classes and weapons from Battlefield: Bad Company 2? A new game from the developers of the free online shooter Battlefield Heroes. Like the cartooney take on the Battlefield franchise, this latest edition will be free to play online. To remove any doubt about that fact, EA is calling this one Battlefield Play4Free

Shacknews has the goods on the new title, which is due out next spring. Interested gamers can hit Play4Free's official site to sign up for a closed beta that begins November 30. According to the 'shack, players will be able to earn in-game currency to purchase new weapons and equipment—and, probably, hats. Given the game's free-to-play model, I suspect there will also be plenty of opportunity for folks to spend real money on in-game items.

Having sunk countless hours into Battlefield 2 over the years, I'm curious to see what Play4Free has to offer. If it can deliver decent graphics, solid gameplay, and snappy performance, the game could lure new players onto the, er, battlefield.

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