12'', Athlon Neo-powered Eee PC goes up for sale at $436

In our latest netbook review, we compared Asus' 10" Eee PC 1015PN to a similarly priced Dell ultraportable. Today, you don't even have to look past Asus' own product line for such a comparison. Amazon has started selling the Eee PC 1215T, a 12.1" machine with a single-core Athlon II Neo processor, Mobility Radeon HD 4250 integrated graphics, and a six-hour battery that costs only $435.53 with free shipping—about $6 more than the 1015PN.

The Eee PC 1215T actually looks awfully similar to the Dell Inspiron M101z we were talking about. Both systems feature the same CPU, integrated graphics, operating system, display resolution, and memory capacity. However, Dell offers a 56Wh battery, Bluetooth, and 250GB of storage, while Asus only gives you a 47Wh battery and no Bluetooth but makes up for it with a 320GB hard drive.

With Intel Consumer Ultra-Low-Voltage ultraportables having largely migrated north of $500, the 1215T and its Dell rival both look like pretty sensible deals for just over 400 bucks. That single-core Athlon II processor probably won't break any speed records, but I'd take the 12.1", 1366x768 display and Windows 7 Home Premium over your typical netbook's 10" panel and Windows 7 Starter any day of the week.

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