12.5'' IdeaPad to weigh 3 lbs, sport anti-glare display

With Lenovo getting so much attention for its ThinkPad notebooks, it's easy to forget about the company's more consumer-focused IdeaPad systems. There are some gems to be found in that line, though. Take the upcoming IdeaPad U260, about which the folks at Thinkpads.com have gotten the scoop.

The system will reportedly have a 12.5" display, a weight of only 3.04 lbs, and a thickness of 0.71". Thinkpads.com talks of ultra-low-voltage Core i3 and i5 processors, 4GB of RAM as standard, and perhaps most interestingly, an anti-glare display finish on every model. Having at least one ultraportable out there with a matte panel would be nice—after all, most TR readers still seem to favor the non-glossy option.

This upcoming IdeaPad looks pretty slick, too, judging by the few photos Thinkpads.com posted. That said, I'm a little surprised to see only two USB ports and no card reader on the menu, especially since Lenovo saw fit to include both VGA and HDMI display outputs. The standard four-cell, four-hour battery also sounds a bit anemic.

How much will this bad boy cost? Thinkpads.com predicts a list price in excess of $1,000, although I'm dubious Lenovo would really aim that high. Current IdeaPad notebooks start between $369 and $799, and Core 2010-powered ultraportables now retail for as little as $550.

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