AMD begins shipping Brazos, announces Bulldozer-based APUs

Hot on the heels of that Brazos hands-on demo we were treated to last week, AMD shared some fresh, juicy details about its upcoming products at this morning's Financial Analyst Day presentation.

First, while we're on the subject of Brazos, AMD said the first Zacate and Ontario accelerated processing units (APUs) began shipping from its assembly facility in Singapore early this morning. The first retail systems based on them will be out "in the January time frame." AMD also put an end to the rumors about delays to its Llano APU, saying volume production will begin in the second quarter of 2011 and shipments will kick off by the middle of the year. So much for those Taiwanese sources, huh? Finally, it was revealed that the first processors based on AMD's new, high-end Bulldozer architecture are on track to ship for revenue next summer.

Not content to tease the new products with words and PowerPoint slides, AMD treated attendees to live demonstrations of Brazos, Llano, and (Bulldozer-based) Zambezi systems. The demos have, happily, made it up onto YouTube:

AMD's Rick Bergman went on to show some of those roadmap slides we all love so much, starting with some desktop goodness:

We already know about Zambezi, Llano, Ontario, and Zacate, but the big news today was AMD's planned 2012 offerings. At the very high end, Komodo will feature eight second-generation Bulldozer cores (or "up to 10" cores, according to the press release), while Trinity will bring Bulldozer to the mainstream as part of a DirectX 11-class APU. Both Komodo and Trinity will be 32-nm parts, just like Zambezi and Llano. At the low end, Krishna will succeed Ontario and Zacate with up to four second-gen Bobcat cores manufactured using a 28-nm fabrication process—presumably of the bulk variety, either from TSMC or GlobalFoundries.

Trinity and Krishna will also make appearances on the mobile side of things, although there, single-core configurations will remain available at the low end. Note the "tablets" segment in the left column, which Ontario and Zacate are slightly poking out into, as well. Later in the Analyst Day presentation, AMD executives hinted that Brazos-based slates will show up early next year alongside the netbooks, consumer ultraportables, and nettops we were already expecting.

Finally, in the buttoned-down world of servers, AMD is prepping offerings with 20 second-generation Bulldozer cores. GlobalFoundries' 32-nm SOI technology will remain the fab process du jour, too. It looks like AMD's love affair with APUs won't manifest itself in this realm, although of course, server folks looking for a little stream computing love can always pony up for some FireStream cards.

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