Friday: bravo, Dr. Damage

  1. IBM withdraws CPRM for hard drives proposal (thanks Bob Bowman)
  2. MS thinks about selling its stake in Corel
  3. Rojak Pot's updates GAPI benchmark to rev. 2.0
  4. PocketQuake for MIPS
  5. Tech Extreme reviews Giants: Citizen Kabuto
  6. Win a 256MB OCZ Performance Enhanced PC-150 SDRAM stick@The Tech Zone
  7. Stuart XIV
  8. Website du jour: My Lazy Mall (online shopping)

  1. MSI launches K7T Turbo
  2. Ace's Hardware on the KT133A decision, part 2
  3. [H]ard|OCP's KT133A shootout: Soyo vs. Asus
  4. GamePC's VIA Apollo Pro 133A SMP shootout (Asus CUV4X-D)
  5. HotHardware reviews Abit VP6
  6. PC Hardware reviews Gigabyte GA-7ZMM

  1. John Carmack's .plan update dated February 22 (post MacWorld report ~ thanks Ryu Connor)
  2. NVIDIA Detonator 6.88 driver for Win9x@The-Ctrl-Alt-Del
  3. Dr. tnaw_xtennis does Radeon LE to Radeon hack 2
  4. AGP GART 4.05@VIAhardware
  5. Demos from Tranzmit: X-Philes by Medieval and Mikrostrange by Haujobb
  6. EuroGamer interviews ELSA's Peter Huddleston

  1. Tom's Hardware on MPEG-4: optimisation of picture quality and data rate
  2. Digit Life's IDE CD-RW roundup part VIII
  3. I am not a geek reviews OCZ Implosion FT-1000 case
  4. Futurelooks on Lian Li PC-60 aluminum case
  5. Mikhailtech reviews EKL heatsink
  6. PC Extreme Tech reviews Vantec Bay Freezer BC3 and updates GlobalWin Istorm review
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