Latest batch of Antec PSUs boasts 80 Plus Gold certification

Power supplies with 80 Plus Gold certification are still multiplying. The latest newcomers, the High Current Pro series, hail from Antec and purportedly deliver "server and workstation technology" as well as efficiency of up to 92%.

Antec is offering 750W, 850W, 1000W, and 1200W HCP variants, all of which have the aforementioned perks plus modular cabling and five-year warranty coverage. The first three models also feature quad 12V rails and 135-mm pulse-width-modulation double-ball-bearing fans, which are said to be "up to 50 percent quieter than traditional voltage-controlled fans." The HCP-1200 kicks things up a notch with eight rails, but presumably because of its meatier internals, it only features an 80-mm fan. (Antec says that fan is "specially configured" and "Japanese-made," so it probably won't sound like a jet engine.)

Oh, and Antec has taken measures beyond fancy fan selection to keep noise levels down. The firm isn't afraid to get technical with its explanation:

The High Current Pro series uses a one-of-a-kind high-performance full-bridge topology for a higher DC-to-DC voltage regulator module working frequency that stabilizes output voltage, making the system more reliable and energy-efficient, and features none of the annoying pitch noise typically found in higher-power 80 PLUS® Gold certified PSUs.

I see the HCP-1200 has already made its way onto Newegg. As you've probably guessed after reading the specs, it ain't cheap—$299.99 before shipping. The other three units should be available later this month, Antec says.

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