Asus A7M266 cancelled?

Word from the grapevine has the Asus A7M266 (AMD 760) marked for cancellation because of "instabilities inherent in the AMD 760 chipset". According to this source, Asus will be positioning the A7A266 (ALi MAGiK1) as its replacement. But is the A7M266 really going to be phased out so soon after its initial release? AMDZone has gotten in touch with Asus who says that the Asus A7M266 has in fact not been cancelled. It is just that AMD has no plans to become a chipset supplier so expect the shelf life of AMD 760 boards to be short. Moreover, the e-mail claiming that the board will be cancelled came from a third party. Asus will continue to support their products through BIOS updates and such. For more detailed information, go to AMDZone.

Update: MS of LostCircuits has contacted Asus and has an update on the situation. Thanks to Ryu Connor for the link.

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