IDC: CPU shipments, AMD market share both up slightly

Market research firm IDC has whipped up some microprocessor shipment estimates for the third quarter of the year, and it says the market grew "modestly"—but well below the average growth rate. IDC has also found that both AMD and Via have both nabbed a tiny bit of market share away from Intel.

Reportedly, global unit shipments of PC microprocessors went up a measly 2.1% between the second and third quarters, with overall revenue rising 2.5%. By contrast, IDC explains, "average sequential change in unit shipments between a calendar year's second quarter and its third quarter is an increase of 10.6%." (Revenue is supposed to grow 9%, too.) Nothing to get terribly excited about there, it seems.

On the market share front, I've taken the liberty of comparing IDC's latest figures to those from previous quarters:

  Q3 2009 Q2 2010 Q3 2010
Intel 81.1% 80.7% 80.4%
AMD 18.7% 19.0% 19.2%
Via 0.2% 0.3% 0.4%

IDC has worked out share estimates specific to the desktop, mobile, and workstation and server markets, too, and says AMD saw its piece of the desktop pie grow half a point to 27.8%. AMD still has the same slice of the mobile market, 13.7%, and its portion of the server and workstation market has dropped 0.2 points to 6.3%.

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