Intel makes 120GB X25-M official, cuts other SSD prices

The 120GB X25-M SSD we spotted in Japan yesterday is coming to North America. Intel just issued a press release stating the drive will appear stateside with a suggested price of $249. Actual street prices are likely to be a little different, but according to the company, the 120GB model should offer the best capacity-per-dollar value in the X25-M line.

Speaking of the rest of the line, Intel has new suggested prices for the other capacity points in the X25-M family. The 80GB drive's official price has dropped to $199, while the 160GB version has been cut to $415. Newegg's well ahead of the game on both fronts; it already offers the 80GB drive for $190 and the 160GB unit for $385. Given those street prices, I'd expect the 120GB X25-M to sell for a little less than $249 when it hits the US market—and that's before considering the competition.

The 120/128G capacity point has been a popular one among SSD makers, and there are no shortage of affordable options. Our favorites include Corsair's Indilinx-based Nova 128GB, which is currently selling for only $220. For just $10 more, you can pick up an OCZ Agility 2 120GB with a SandForce SF-1200 controller under the hood.

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