America Recycles Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. TUAW: Is the new MacBook Air eating into iPad sales?
  2. Network World: Microsoft-powered supercomputer breaks
    petaflop barrier
    , loses top 500 spot to Linux
  3. DigiTimes: Intel updates Sandy Bridge processor lineup
  4. TC Magazine: MSI's Military Class II components
    to debut with Sandy Bridge motherboards
  5. techPowerUp!: Disable GeForce GTX 580 power throttling using GPU-Z
  6. X-bit labs: Nvidia's Tegra business begins to take off
  7. C|Net: Amazon adds graphics-chip computing service
  8. Wired: The 'Path' to social network serenity is lined with 50 friends

America Recycles Day

  1. VR-Zone: Lenovo launches three new business notebooks
  2. SemiAccurate: Asus set to launch mini-ITX H67 board
  3. DigiTimes reports DDR3 spot prices to fall
  4. TC Magazine: OCZ acquires Solid Data technology to expand
    its enterprise storage line-up and Hitachi lists 3TB hard drives
  5. TC Magazine: Gigabyte readies overclocked Radeon HD 6850
    and MSI announces the N460GTX-SE graphics cards and
    full-height Gigabyte GeForce GT 430 has custom cooler, higher clocks
  6. Expreview: Nvidia to unveil GeForce GTS 450 512MB
  7. Engadget: IOGear rolls out two trackball-equipped HTPC keyboards
  8. TC Magazine: Antec One Hundred PC case up for pre-order
  9. C|Net: Hybrid storage melds batery, ultracapacitor
  10. From AM radio to satellite TV: Ars Technica on seven decades of FCC regulation
  11. Windows Weekly 182 (podcast)
  12. Fudzilla reports Wikileaks sets up shop in Iceland
  13. Dealzon's deals: $373 off 14" Dell XPS 14 i7 / 2GB GeForce GT 425M +
    Sony Cyber-shot H55 and $200 off + $200 coupon for 12" hp tm2t i5 /
    Radeon HD 5450
Newegg's deals for 11/15

  1. $45 off 50GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD
  2. $250 off 32" Philips 32PFL4505D/F7 1080p LED-LCD HDTV
  3. $20 off Zotac GF9300-A-E micro-ATX motherboard
  4. $310 off Able Planet active noise-cancelling headphones
    w/ a gifted 8GB Apple iPod touch (3rd gen)
  5. $119.99 off Sans Digital TowerRAID TR8M-BP 8-bay tower
    and 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ HDD combo deal
  6. $14 off Nuance PDF Converter Professional 7.0
    (extra $40 off with promo code EMCYTZT234)

  1. DailyTech reports Windows Phone 7 root access gained
  2. Android and Me: Another trusted source confirms dual-core Samsung phone
  3. Engadget: hp Slate 500 sees 'extraordinary demand,' experiences 6-week shipping delay
    and ViewSonic ViewPad 7 tablet up for pre-order, now costs a wallet-crunching $599
  4. PCWorld: Lenovo's LePad tablet due in U.S. in 2011
  5. TC Magazine: U.K. stores halting Folio 100 sales due to high return rates
  6. Official Jolibook pictures out
  7. TC Magazine: Biostar app enables PC control via smartphone
  8. TUAW: Facebook for iPhone updated with account and privacy setting access
  9. Wired: Why isn't Netflix on Android? Not secure enough to suit Hollywood

  1. PCWorld reports new trojan threat emerges
  2. TC Magazine: AMD lending a hand with MeeGo
  3. Download Squad: Google Chrome sandboxes Flash for more secure browsing
  4. TUAW: Steve-mail says Keynote '11 to have AirPlay, Apple TV capabilities
  5. Fudzilla: Adobe Acrobat X Pro out
  6. SetFSB
  7. ATI Tray Tools
  8. FileZilla 3.3.5
  9. WinRAR 4.0 beta 1
  10. Notepad++ 5.8.4

  1. Microsoft surrenders on Linux Kinect hack
  2. Joystiq: Hacked Kinect renders interactive 'almost holographic' 3D video
  3. Engadget: Microsoft exec caught in privacy snafu, says Kinect might tailor ads to you
  4. Engadget: PS Jailbreak gets support for PS3 versions 3.42 and 3.5, is no firmware safe?
  5. Joystiq: InstantAction shutting down, company selling Torque tech
  6. Ars Technica: Risk aversion, funding mistakes block gaming masterpieces
  7. Big Download: Elemental preps 1.1 patch beta for release on Thursday
Systems and storage

  1. TechSpot's holiday gift guide 2010
  2. t-break reviews Zotac Zbox Blu-Ray HD-ID34 HTPC
  3. Hardware Canucks, KitGuru, and OC3D preview Asus P67 motherboards
  4. Hi Tech Legion reviews 4GB Kingston HyperX T1 DDR3-2000 CL9 dual channel kit
  5. OCIA reviews 50GB OCZ RevoDrive PCI-E SSD
  6. Guru3D reviews 240GB OCZ IBIS SSD
  7. HardwareOC reviews 120GB G.Skill Phoenix Pro SSD (in German)
  8. TweakTown reviews 32GB Silicon Power SDHC Class 10 memory card
  9. Ars Technica on Jaz drives, spiral notebooks, and SCSI: How we lose scientific data
Multimedia and cooling

  1. [H]ard|OCP on GeForce GTX 580 vs. Radeon HD 5970 2GB performance
  2. TweakTown reviews Gigabyte GeForce GTX 480 SOC 1536MB
  3. XtremeComputing reviews AMD Radeon HD 6850
  4. PureOC reviews Sparkle GeForce GTS 450
  5. Futurelooks reviews Samsung EX1/TL500 f/1.8-2.4 10MP digital camera
  6. Techgage reviews AC Ryan Playon!HD media player
  7. MegaTechReviews on Arctic Sound P311 stereo Bluetooth headset
  8. Funky Kit reviews Sharkoon XTACTIC SP USB gaming headset
  9. Benchmark Reviews on Ozone Radon 5K laser gaming mouse
  10. DeXgo reviews Xigmatek Gaia SD1283 (in German)
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