Wow. Although we've had lots of coverage of new CPU architectures this year, I just realized this morning that we haven't had a proper, full-on desktop CPU review since April. (Our K-series review was a shorter-form article.) That's going to change soon, in a big way. I already have our new CPU test rigs in place, complete with Corsair Nova V128 SSDs and Asus GeForce GTX 460 graphics cards. One of my tasks this week will be to get all of the software setup completed and to begin working on a revised test suite.

I'm currently thinking of adding several important things to our slate of tests, including TrueCrypt with AES-NI acceleration, new games like Civilization V, and possibly a compiling benchmark. PC games that are truly CPU-intensive are a little tough to find these days. If you have suggestions or requests, now would be a good time to let us know. If it's feasible, we may incorporate your request into our test suite.

On another note, we've been gratified to see our podcast listenership growing steadily over time, especially in recent months. Some of you guys still haven't even given it a listen, but I think this latest episode is a decent starting point. We cover a ton of graphics-related stories, including the GTX 580's debut, the HAWX 2 controversy, and rising Radeon HD 6800-series prices. To make things easy for you, I'm going to save you the work of clicking and simply embed the player in this post, like so...

Listen now:

Hit the play button to give it a start. You know you're at least a little curious about Cyril's accent!

This is a pretty intense episode from my point of view. Its great weakness is a whole lotta me talking. We try to keep things more even most of the time, but Jordan didn't manage to contain me this week, with all of the GPU news. I'm sure he'll try harder next time out.

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