Intel to cross the Sandy Bridge on January 5

Still haven't found a reason to go to Vegas? Well, if you're interested in Intel's next-generation processors, then you'll want to be in Sin City this January. According CNet News, Intel has announced that it will be launching its Sandy Bridge line of processors on January 5 at the Consumer Electronics Show. Holding the launch at the very beginning of the year makes sense—word is that Intel expects Sandy Bridge chips to account for 20% of its CPU shipments in the first quarter of 2011.

Sandy Bridge promises to bring some significant changes to Intel's CPU architecture, chief among them the addition of the GPU onto the CPU die. Sandy Bridge's GPU offers improved graphics performance as well as built-in support for high definition video decoding and encoding. The new chips will also improve upon the Turbo Boost feature found in many of Intel's Core 2010 offerings.

Oh, and if you're a fan of overclocking, you might be interested to know that an early Sandy Bridge sample with a stock clock speed of 3.4GHz was purportedly pushed to 5.5GHz on air cooling last month. Be sure to check out our primer on Sandy Bridge if you're interested in further technical details.

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