'GeForce GTX 570' could arrive in December

Nvidia may not be done for the year just yet. According to a story at VR-Zone, which quotes an anonymous source, Nvidia's partners are saying a GeForce GTX 570 will be released some time in December.

The upcoming card's performance is said to be similar to that of the GTX 480, with a thermal envelope quite similar to the GTX 470's. Specifications are still unconfirmed, but VR-Zone expects the newcomer to have 1280MB of memory.

The GeForce GTX 570 will reportedly be driven by a slightly modified version of the GF110 chip that debuted with the GTX 580, Nvidia's current flagship. Word is that one of the streaming multiprocessors will be disabled, which should bring down the number of stream processors from 512 on the GTX 580 to 480 on the GTX 570. While it will likely not match the performance offered by its big brother, the GTX 570 may however have a less intimidating price tag.

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