Report: TSMC will manufacture 28-nm Zacate successor

Despite GlobalFoundries expanding into bulk silicon manufacturing, TSMC may not stop getting love from AMD anytime soon. According to a story by CENS Taiwan Economic News, TSMC will manufacture not just AMD's upcoming Ontario and Zacate accelerated processing units, but also their 28-nm successors, Krishna and Wichita.

The site doesn't name any sources, and I don't believe AMD has said anything officially on the subject. In any case, selecting TSMC for 28-nm parts that aren't due until 2012 would be an interesting choice—GlobalFoundries has been working on a 28-nm bulk manufacturing for some time, and it recently announced a "High Performance Plus" version of that process, which should enter risk production in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Of course, AMD is no longer pouring money into GlobalFoundries, and it said during last week's Financial Analyst Day presentation that its stake in the foundry firm has actually decreased a few percent since the spin-off. When I spoke about the relationship between the two companies to the folks at AMD Austin earlier this month, I was told that AMD's chief concern is cost—essentially, whoever can make chips the cheapest will win its favor, without GlobalFoundries receiving special treatment. (Thanks to TechEye for the link.)

Update 11/17: Statements made by AMD executives during the Financial Analyst Day question-and-answer session appear to contradict this report.

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