We knew it was coming: on-demand movies

MeTV demonstrated broadband Internet-to-TV and computer movie service at an industry conference, Steaming Media West. The conference itself has some pretty cool hints of upcomming technology in a variety of areas, but video on demand is one I've been waiting for. Yahoo covered the story with this news article. The article hints at the technology involved:
MeTV.com is among the charter members of the Microsoft Broadband Media Jumpstart Initiative, and employs the new Windows MediaPlayer MPEG4 protocol. The company, which has acquired its first 1,500 title film library, recently signed a 750 movie deal with encoding.com, and a Web hosting agreement with Intervu.
You can go to their site at www.metv.com and look at some free, but somewhat cheesy, preview movies if you register with them. The video quality was actually quite smooth. It couldn't handle full screen on my monitor without some artifacts, but for smaller sizes it looked good. I can't wait 'til June, the anticipated launch date of their consumer service. Can you say, "Bye bye, Blockbuster!"
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