GeForce 3 with 128bit/256bit DDR memory interface

More thoughts on the GF3 from Dr. tnaw_xtennis.
There are speculations whether NVIDIA will incorporate a 256bit DDR memory interface on the GeForce3 that will be released in a few days. Though there has been potent evidence that GeForce3 will support 256bit DDR memory interface, the most probable way is 128bit version of GeForce3 will come out first and then there will be 256bit version a few months later, just as the cases of GeForce256 SDR and GeForce256 DDR.
The speculation continues here.

After performing the Quadro 2 hack on his GF2 Ultra, Forge notices that the problem of "Ultra Roll" (rolling bars of interference which can occur when a GF2 Ultra displays low resolution/high refresh desktops) is gone. Anyone else care to comment?

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