Signs point to GlobalFoundries making AMD's 28-nm APUs

After publishing yesterday's story about TSMC possibly manufacturing AMD's 28-nm APUs Krishna and Wichita, an interesting e-mail appeared in our inbox. The e-mail was from GlobalFoundries, and it explained that, while AMD hasn't made its 28-nm manufacturing plans official just yet, AMD executives have "consistently reaffirmed their commitment to Gate First HKMG." An exchange in AMD's Financial Analyst Day question-and-answer session, which I've transcribed below, was cited as evidence:

Dirk Meyer: And Chekib... one of the clarifying questions... I did say we would have initial revenue shipments of 28-nm products before the end of next year. Chekib, do you want to put some color on the 28-nm node?

Chekib Akrout: Sure. So, first of all, the answer is yes. We are going to use the high-k metal gate gate-first for 28. 28 nm is really a derivative; it's a half-a-node move from 32, and we are happy about what we've seen in the high-k metal gate gate-first at 32, including, by the way, what we're expecting from [a] performance perspective.

GlobalFoundries advertises its 28-nm HKMG gate-first process right on its website. TSMC, meanwhile, stated last year, "We developed a gate-last approach for TSMC’s 28nm high-k metal gate family."

I guess that settles that. Remember, kids: always take your rumors with a pinch of salt.

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