Poll: How much did you spend on your best PC speakers or headset?

We'll have a new sound card review very shortly, and writing it got me thinking about how much folks spend on the speakers or headset they have hooked up to their PCs. I consider speakers and headsets to be an investment, since they can continue to perform well through multiple upgrade cycles—and even decades. As a result, I probably tend to spend more than most. So, what about you? How much did you spend on your best PC speakers or headset? If you have both, go with whichever you use the most with your primary desktop. You can cast your vote over on the right column on the front page or after clicking on the comment link below.

In our last poll, we asked what you most want to see under the tree this Christmas. Solid-state drives and new graphics cards topped the list with 27% and 26% of the vote, respectively. Sandy Bridge slotted into third place with 16%, while a trunkload of new games garnered a 12% share. The rest of the votes were split between an iPad or tablet PC at 10% and an Ontario- or Zacate-based laptop at 9%.

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