Great American Smokeout Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Intel: Sandy Bridge processor is the Pentium of our days
  2. ATi-Forum’s new exclusive information about

    AMD’s Zambezi, Zacate & more (in German)

  3. SlashGear: WarpDrive SSD card launched by LSI for $11,500
  4. DailyTech: Slides reveal that Windows 8 may go fully virtualized
  5. AMD Catalyst software suite v10.11 release notes and download page
  6. Strategy Informer: Why we should play bad games
  7. TUAW on the staggering size of iOS’s game collection
  8. OT: Beer lubricated the rise of civilization, study suggests

Great American Smokeout

  1. C|Net: Human brain has more switches than all computers on earth
  2. Engadget: Artificial retina reconstructs normal vision in mice, human trials are next
  3. Download Squad: Yahoo! rolling out Google Instant-like previews
  4. TUAW: What is it like to work at Apple?
  5. TC Magazine: Vertical sues Samsung and LG for patent infringement
  6. Engadget: Motorola video survey says Americans are still

    into paying for TV service, buying new TVs

  7. U.K. to ISPs: Prioritize away (so long as you tell users)
  8. Ars Technica: Comcast says “Consensus at hand on net neutrality

    and how China swallowed 15% of ‘net traffic for 18 minutes

  9. Genachowski: Goorizon deal messed things up
  10. Ars Technica: What Google knows about you and how to tweak it
  11. U.S.: Beijing backs hacking on ‘massive scale’
  12. RIAA: Here’s an (inadvertent) handy guide on best websites for stealing music
  13. TechFlash reports Internet ads climbing again
  14. WSJ: How EMI’s new CEO helped Beatles clear iTunes hurdle
  15. benchmarking party coming this weekend
  16. Hi Tech Legion’s 2nd annual holiday giveaway spectacular 2010
  17. Big Bruin’s 1.5TB ioSafe Solo external hard drive giveaway
  18. Dealzon’s deals: $193 off 24″ Viewsonic LED-LCD, $48 off Logitech

    MX1100 mouse, $70 off Netgear Push2TV WiDi, and $350 off Canon

    HV40 camcorder

Hardware news

  1. X-bit labs: Analyst does not expect AMD to

    transform design wins into revenue share gains

  2. DigiTimes: Asus hopes AMD can help it achieve netbook shipment target

    and Asus & ASRock place orders for USB 3.0 host chips from Fresco Logic

  3. TC Magazine: Jolibook netbook to debut this Friday, reach the U.K. first
  4. AMD Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition graphics card wins

    prestigious Popular Science 2010 Best of What’s New award

  5. VR-Zone: Sony announces new E-mount professional

    “NXCAM” HD camcorder concept

  6. Boing Boing hosts beautiful gallery of destroyed Apple products
  7. Contest: Design MSI’s next-gen UEFI-based ClickBIOS


  1. GSMA launches embedded SIM initiative to support the connected future
  2. C|Net reports Dell drops top mobile executive
  3. Netflix CEO: iPad affects us ‘very little
  4. WSJ reports Verizon rethinks pricing
  5. DSLReports: AT&T says 80% of network now HSPA+
  6. TechFlash: Windows Phone slates vs. iPad? Ballmer keeps dropping hints
  7. Windows Phone 7’s microSD mess: Engadget has

    the full story (and how Nokia can help you out of it)

  8. Engadget: AT&T starts selling Novatel MiFi at long last—November 21st for $50

    and Droid 2 Global GSM bands locked, camera bulge added to case and

    BoxWave’s Keyboard Buddy turns your iPhone 4 into the Droid it always

    wanted to be

  9. TUAW: Sleeve360 spinning, wearable iPad case getting closer to reality
  10. TechFlash: Google adds mobile editing, voice input for Google Docs
  11. Kotaku: The iPhone version of Rage hits today
  12. C|Net: Is comparing iOS and console game totals fair?
  13. TUAW: Angry Birds sequel will reveal pigs’ point of view
  14. C|Net shares Angry Birds tips: Get more from your arsenal
  15. TC Magazine: Skyfire browser for Symbian and Windows Mobile to retire this year
  16. Datamation: 35 great free Android apps


  1. Exploring IE on IE 9 Platform Preview 7: Making your websites faster
  2. Microsoft releases Beta 1 of Office 2010 SP1
  3. MacTech Labs: Office for Mac 2011 benchmarks
  4. TweakPC’s Windows 7 tips: Energy efficiency report tool (in German)
  5. Security updates released for Adobe Reader and Acrobat (APSB10-28)
  6. TUAW’s hands-on: FingerPrint enables AirPrint for many non-compliant OS X printers
  7. TechCrunch reports AdBlock Plus, the popular

    Firefox add-on, hits 100 million downloads

  8. Ars Technica: Microsoft Lync 2010 arrives, succeeds Office Communicator
  9. Symantec to Congress: Stuxnet is ‘wake-up call
  10. TC Magazine: CUDA Toolkit 3.2 available in final form
  11. Phoronix: AMD already has open-source Fusion drivers
  12. Ubuntu Geek: How to change network card speed and duplex settings in Ubuntu
  13. Download Squad: Process Explorer 14 brings multi-process app support, new

    monitoring tools and TeamViewer Beta 6 is now out, remote control freaks rejoice

  14. Hard Drive Inspector 3.86
  15. Sys Information 1.0
  16. novaPDF Lite 7.2 build 351


  1. OnLive MicroConsole official at $99, Engadget goes hands-on
  2. Joystiq: Steve Perlman discusses OnLive’s growth, potential

    new platforms and plans for exclusive games and

    OnLive introducing flat-rate monthly plan for back catalog, indie titles

  3. Joystiq shares rumor: PSP2 prototype images leaked
  4. Shacknews: Spike Video Game Awards nominee list released

    and PlayStation 3 gets VUDU movie streaming service and

    Starkiller goes evil, travels to Endor in upcoming DLC for Star Wars:

    The Force Unleashed 2 and Homefront captures release date

  5. Eurogamer: PC Fable III still in the works and free R.U.S.E. DLC coming
  6. Bethesda Blog: First New Vegas DLC announced
  7. Big Download: Quake Live gets two new maps in newest content update
  8. Left 4 Dead 2 celebrates its birthday
  9. NBA Jam ships for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
  10. Stella release 3.3
  11. Vortez on Multiplay i41: The sleepless November LAN
  12. Steam’s midweek madness: 50% off Zombie Driver (sale ends today at 6PM CDT)

Systems, storage, and networking

  1. Hardware Heaven reviews Cryo Rapier gaming PC
  2. TR alum Joel Hruska reviews Malibal Nine X7200 gaming notebook
  3. AnandTech reviews Asus UL80Jt: Overclocked i3 ULV
  4. Vortez reviews Phenom II X6 1055T and Athlon II X2 255
  5. TR alum Dustin Sklavos reviews 200GB Viking Modular SATADIMM MLC SSD
  6. TechReaction reviews Zalman MH200 U3 dual-HDD docking station
  7. Techgage reviews 32GB Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0
  8. TweakTown reviews Netgear WNCE2001 universal Wi-Fi Internet adapter

Multimedia, power, and cases

  1. Hardware Secrets reviews Nvidia GeForce GTX 580
  2. PureOC reviews PNY GeForce GTX 580 XLR8
  3. [H]ard|OCP reviews Asus EAH6850 DirectCU
  4. Guru3D reviews PowerColor HD 6850 PCS+
  5.’s Radeon HD 6850 face-off: Asus vs. Sapphire vs. PowerColor
  6. Hardware Heaven: XFX Radeon HD 5770 single slot

    tested with 5 recent games and 3D Blu-ray

  7. Overclockers Online reviews Samsung PN50C7000 50″ plasma TV
  8. Benchmark Reviews: Why 3D camera technology will be the future
  9. Neoseeker reviews Asus Xonar DG sound card
  10. PC Perspective reviews 900W Antec High Current Gamer PSU
  11. Tweaknews on SilverStone PS05B Precision Series case
  12. Legit Reviews on SilverStone Sugo SG07 mini-ITX case
Comments closed
    • The Dark One
    • 9 years ago

    Process Explorer rules. Downloading now.

    • anotherengineer
    • 9 years ago

    “VII.Contest: Design MSI’s next-gen UEFI-based ClickBIOS”

    Here I’m done, I think it’s awesome.

    ยง[<<]ยง Blue is my favourite colour!!

    • sschaem
    • 9 years ago

    “Human brain has more switches than all computers on Earth” ?

    125 trillion synapses * 1000 seem to be the binary capacity of the brain from this research extrapolation.

    One GPU hold .003 trillion switches so the brain got the equivalent of 42 GPU in term of switches connection.

    The brain is way more effective in term of its use of connection for many tasks related to intelligence… but the statement on switches seem way off.

    Unless they are talking about Ethernet switches, but then we knew that already.

      • anotherengineer
      • 9 years ago

      I wonder what the volume of 42 milliion gtx 580’s whould be??

      “Thats not that much ”

      lol let me know when Nvidia SHIPS that much 580’s

        • sschaem
        • 9 years ago

        Not that much in relation to “More switches then all computers on earth”
        Their is billion of computers on earth, CPU nowdays also have 1+ billion transistors.
        The 5850 got more then 2 billion transistor.

        If just 42 million GPU card can match the claim, clearly the claim is not about transistor… and if its about ethernet switch, we knew that all along.

        Hope this clarify..

          • anotherengineer
          • 9 years ago

          As they say it’s all relative.

          No offense, but your english (grammar) is pretty bad ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I’m just saying 42 million is a big number, and thats the biggest graphics card there is, how many vga cards would it be if you used an old mx440 nvidia or radeon 7000 series chip for a comparison?

          And some CPU’s do have a billion transistors, the big new ones. Even most quad cores arent at that, (AMD 955 BE = 758M?) There are a lot more single core cpu’s in the world than quads.

          I believe the article is taking an avg of the cpu’s throughout time and not the best of today.

    • anotherengineer
    • 9 years ago

    “III.SlashGear: WarpDrive SSD card launched by LSI for $11,500”

    -up to 240,000 sustained IOPS and 300GB of SLC

    -8 lane PCI-Express Generation 2 server slot. Once plugged in, it can take up to 1,400MB/s of throughput

    -delivers up to 240,000 4K read IOPS and up to 200,000 4K write IOPS, with access latency of less than 50 microseconds

    -we measured an aggregate performance of 1,028 MB/second

    -The WarpDrive card is bootable, has no external power requirement and installs as a single drive with no user configuration required

    Sounds nice, anyone want to buy me one for Christmas???

    • derFunkenstein
    • 9 years ago


      • Ryu Connor
      • 9 years ago

      Who uses an FPU anymore? ๐Ÿ˜€

      • derFunkenstein
      • 9 years ago

      It’s required for CPU-based PhysX support. :p

      • jensend
      • 9 years ago

      No kidding. Is it just me not remembering too well, or was the Pentium at first launch really not all that big a deal outside of the infamous bug? I thought I remembered PPro/PII being more of a big step. A quick look at benchmarks/reviews says that while on some benchmarks the P5 could double equivalently-clocked 486s, the real-world speedup wasn’t that huge and there were 486s clocked higher than the original Pentiums. It wasn’t until after the move to the .35 micron process that P5 really started to be tons faster than 486s, and it wasn’t too much longer after that till P6 and P5MMX were released.

        • Ryu Connor
        • 9 years ago

        Bob Colwell – one of the designers of the P6 with a long career at intel – is of the opinion that the P5 would have failed if not for events that occured around the release of the Pentium.

        Namely that CD-ROMs and multimedia suddenly became important and that the PCI bus the Pentium was exclusively gifted with suddenly mattered a whole lot more because of that software trend.

        So, yeah, you’re more or less remembering right. The 60 and 66MHz Pentiums did not wow, but software trends and Intel’s non-stop march forward delivered a suddenly valuable product.

          • willmore
          • 9 years ago

          Also, the 60/66 MHz parts weren’t compatable with the 75/90/100/120/133 MHz parts that followed. So, maybe they’re saying Sandy Bridge is more like them–incompatable with their similarly architected, but earlier brothers?

      • Krogoth
      • 9 years ago

      Funny that Pentium brand is geared for the budget market (a.k.a Celeron). ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Anyway, Sandy Bridge is really the final product of Intel’s long-term goal of integrating everything onto the CPU a.k.a making the first mainstream SOAC (System-on-a-Chip).

      The core CPU design is pretty much a heavily tweaked Conroe. Intel threw the memory controller on it and DMI/QPI interface which gave us Nehalem. They later threw most of the other northbridge functionality onto CPU and it became Lynnfield. The last part was getting intergrated GPU in there and that they gave us Clarkdale. Tweak the Clarkdale design further and give it more cores. You get Sandy Bridge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • dpaus
    • 9 years ago

    You know, if TR can justify dedicated sections for Mobile and Gaming news, I think they can justify a dedicated section for patent lawsuit news.

    • mcforce0208
    • 9 years ago

    I was really hoping for crossfire support for for black ops….. I have found much better performance from my 1 5870 as apposed to the 2 in crossfire. My mate has found the same with his 2 6870s :(… Anyway hope they fix this soon…..So i can own people with ultra high fps !!!

      • anotherengineer
      • 9 years ago


      Do you have a 120HZ monitor at least or just a 60HZ (fps) monitor?

        • sweatshopking
        • 9 years ago


          • anotherengineer
          • 9 years ago

          :O You have a 30 fps screen, take that to the Smithsonian museum, you might get some cash for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I will stick with my samy rz2233 120Hz monitor, I can watch my CSS guy flop out so smoothly lol

            • sweatshopking
            • 9 years ago


    • funkybomber
    • 9 years ago

    No support for the 6800 series in the catalyst 10.11 drivers…

    Someone dropped the ball big time.

      • [+Duracell-]
      • 9 years ago

      The 6800 series was probably released too late to get WHQL stamped for 10.11s.

        • can-a-tuna
        • 9 years ago

        So it’s Microsofts fault.

          • UberGerbil
          • 9 years ago

          Isn’t everything?

            • derFunkenstein
            • 9 years ago

            I don’t really see how it is. I don’t see how it’s anyone’s “fault” but AMD’s, because let’s face it – they should have 6800 series hardware in MS’s hands early enough to test their drivers with it in the WHQL labs.

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