Second-gen iPad coming next quarter, says report

A lot of folks, including yours truly, are eagerly awaiting the wave of iPad killers due to arrive early next year. Interestingly, though, it looks like Apple may number among those wishing to outdo the original. DigiTimes has word that the Mac maker is already prepping its second-generation slate for a release next quarter.

Citing anonymous industry sources as always, DigiTimes adds that Apple has already selected its suppliers for the "iPad 2." Ibiden, Tripod Technology, and TTM Technologies will reportedly manufacture the first wave of second-gen iPad circuit boards, with the latter two set to produce "small quantities" of boards next month. Apple should add an extra four suppliers in February.

I guess we shouldn't be too surprised, considering the first iPad debuted in April of this year, and Apple likes to refresh its iPods and iPhones yearly. The real question now is what will differentiate the second-gen unit from its predecessor. With iOS 4.2 just around the corner, a major new iOS release seems unlikely. However, Apple could beef up the device's RAM and implement a higher-density display. The current iPad looks a little old-fashioned next to the iPhone 4, which has twice the RAM and much more pixels per square inch.

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