Friday night topic: Our happy eccentricities

I've learned a few things about myself over time. I realize they mean that I'm a little different than most folks, but I can live with that. In fact, I've come to embrace them.

For instance, I now wear SmartWool socks almost exclusively—even in the summertime, when I just wear the shorter running socks. I also wear American Apparel T-shirts almost all of the time, if I can swing it in the social setting, either as my only shirt in the summer and spring or as an undershirt in the fall and winter. Both of these clothing items just fit me well and feel comfortable.

Once I figured that out, variety in my daily clothing became mainly about colors and prints. Heh.

The thing is, I'm quite happy with that situation. If anything, I wish I'd discovered these strong preferences sooner, so I could have started enjoying these things earlier. This is, I recognize, a personal quirk that affects my appearance, but I'm quite happily reconciled to that fact. Maybe that makes me a geek, but I think that cow left the barn a long time ago.

Now that I've told on myself, it's your turn. What personal quirks or eccentricities do you have? When did you become aware of said quirk? Have you accepted it as a positive thing? If so, why?


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