New Thermaltake case has built-in drive dock

We've made no secret of our appreciation for Thermaltake's hard-drive docking stations in the past. The company's latest entry in that field is a little unusual, because... well, it's got a PC enclosure strapped to it. Meet the Dokker, which could also be described as a $65 ATX mid-tower with a docking station mounted on the top bezel.

The Dokker looks relatively well-endowed, with room for up to five 3.5" hard drives, as many as seven fans (though only a single fan comes pre-installed), and graphics cards as long as 12.5". Look a little closer, and you'll even find anti-vibration hard-drive mounts, liquid-cooling holes, and a CPU socket cut-out in the motherboard tray. The star of the show is, of course, the top-mounted drive dock, which can accommodate 3.5" or 2.5" Serial ATA drives much like Thermaltake's BlacX and other open-top docking stations.

If one thing about this case surprises me, it's the price. $65 sounds eminently affordable for a decent enthusiast enclosure, let alone one with such a unique selling point. I'm not a huge fan of windowed side panels, but everything else about this item looks well thought-out, from the bottom-mounted PSU area to the fact that Thermaltake left room for extra-long graphics cards. Too bad USB 3.0 didn't make it into the mix, but that's not as much of a requirement when you can just slap a bare drive on top of the chassis and get to work.

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