Deal of the week: Canadian edition

Just because folks up here celebrate Thanksgiving a few weeks early doesn't mean they can't reap the spoils of Black Friday like their American friends. NCIX's Black Friday sale, which kicked off late yesterday, is pretty good evidence of that. Several of the many featured deals caught my eye:

  • Intel's 40GB X25-V solid-state drive is on sale for $89.99 CAD, or $69.99 CAD after a mail-in rebate. 40 gigabytes might not be a lot of capacity, but I can think of plenty of uses for a cheap, low-end SSD. Maybe it's time to give that ultraportable notebook a little extra horsepower, eh?
  • Corsair's Graphite Series 600T enclosure can be had for $149.99 CAD, or $139.99 CAD after a mail-in rebate. Remember this is a TR Editor's Choice winner, and NCIX says it normally costs $170 CAD. I set up my own desktop PC inside this bad boy a few days ago, so I heartily recommend it.
  • Corsair's Obsidian Series 800D enclosure is $229.99 CAD, or $199.99 CAD after a mail-in rebate, down from the usual $309.99 CAD. Here we have a TR Recommended award winner that would be equally deserving of praise if it weren't usually so expensive—but the discount helps quite a bit.
  • MSI's GeForce GTX 460 Hawk graphics card (780MHz core clock): $199.99 CAD, or $189.99 CAD after rebate. With the Radeon HD 6850 selling a ways above its suggested e-tail price, GTX 460 cards are ripe for the picking... especially higher-clocked variants like this one.
  • Logitech's MX518 gaming mouse: $46.99 CAD, down from $62.46 CAD. I don't think I need to introduce the Logitech MX518. If you like wired gaming mice, this is an undeniable classic.
  • OCZ's 4GB DDR3-1333 Gold memory kit: $49.99 CAD. Cheap memory never hurts, especially when it's from a reputable manufacturer and comes with shiny heat spreaders.

NCIX's sale will continue through December 1. A number of items are already out of stock, though, so I wouldn't spend too long making up your mind.

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