90GB, 180GB drives make their way into Corsair Force lineup

Corsair's Force line of solid-state drives just keeps growing. After this Spring's expansion, another two drives featuring 90GB and 180GB capacities have been added. Corsair says the Force F90 and F180 should be "available immediately from [its] worldwide network of authorized distributors and resellers" at prices of $189.99 and $399.99, respectively.

Like their older brethren, these new Force drives have 2.5" form factors, Serial ATA connectivity, and SandForce SF-1200 controllers with TRIM support. Corsair quotes a top read speed of 285MB/s and a top write speed of 275MB/s for both offerings. Those numbers should look familiar to folks acquainted with other SandForce-based solutions.

While navigating crowded product lineups isn't always fun, I think there's something to be said for more granularity in solid-state drive lineups, especially for penny-pinchers looking to get the most gigabytes for their buck. After all, just because someone can't afford a 120GB drive doesn't mean they should have to settle for the 60GB variant.

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