ASRock overclocks mouse port for Fatal1ty-branded Sandy Bridge mobo

Professional gaming is big business. There is perhaps no better example of this than Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, who once sparred with our own Scott Wasson and now seems to make a living putting his name on products purportedly optimized for gamers. Wendel endorses pre-built gaming PCs, sound cards, graphics cards, headsets, PSUs, and memory. Yes, no fewer than four different OCZ memory kits bear the Fatal1ty name. Amusingly, only one of them uses DDR3 modules, and they top out at a pedestrian 1333MHz.

Don't go thinking Wendel isn't keeping up with the times, though. TechConnect has learned that Fatal1ty branding will grace a new motherboard from ASRock. Based on Intel's upcoming P67 chipset, the Fatal1ty P67 Professional is slated to cost $250 and come with a UEFI BIOS, six USB 3.0 ports, and support for three-way CrossFireX and SLI configs. Fatal1ty even gets his own USB port: an extra special one that can be "overclocked" to his preferred 500Hz sampling rate. Wendel promises we'll be impressed by this feature, which he says improves accuracy and makes it feel like you're getting a higher frame rate.

The Fatal1ty-branded motherboards we reviewed when Abit was cranking 'em out were actually pretty good, but then so were most of the company's mobos at the time. I suspect the prospects for this latest model will have more to do with what ASRock brings to the table than any Fatal1ty-specific features. $250 is going to be quite expensive for a Sandy bridge mobo, and that's a heck of a premium to pay for a bunch of red LEDs and a fancy mouse port whose benefits may only be realized by those with superhuman reflexes.

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