Poll: How big is your CPU fan?

As CPUs have become more power efficient, the fans used to cool them have grown in size. That might seem counter-intuitive, but it speaks to a new focus on lowering the noise output of modern PCs. Larger fans are capable of moving more air at lower speeds, offering the potential of improved cooling and quieter acoustics.

Over the last decade or so, the CPU fan in my own rig has doubled in size from 60 mm to 120 mm. And I'd go bigger if the case would allow it. So, what about you? How big is the CPU fan in your primary desktop? If you're running a water-cooled rig, go with the size of the fan strapped to the radiator. You can cast your vote over on the right column on the front page or after clicking on the comment link below.

In our last poll, we dipped into the realm of PC audio and asked how much you spent on your best PC speakers or headset. It pains me to report that 20% spent $50 or less. No wonder some folks can't tell the difference between integrated audio and a good discrete card. Among the rest, 21% paid between $51 and $100, which is enough to get quite a nice set of headphones. 17% spent $101-150, while 12% shelled out $151-200. Another 12% dropped between $201 and $300, and an impressive 20% spent even more. Fortunately, most of our readers have discerning ears.

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