Phenom II X6 1100T and friends debut

Although we published a review of the GeForce GTX 570 this morning, the majority of the activity in Damage Labs this past week has been concentrated on CPU testing, instead, in anticipation of today's introduction of a trio of new processors from AMD. Unfortunately, we weren't able to complete our review in time, largely because we've been in the midst of executing a complete refresh of our CPU test suite, with all-new results. Doing so is a tremendous amount of work, and it simply took us longer than anticipated. Anyhow, our review is forthcoming, but the brand-new CPUs are out now.

AMD's new desktop flagship, the Phenom II X6 1100T, has a base clock speed of 3.3GHz and a Turbo Core peak of 3.7GHz, while holding max power draw (TDP) steady at 125 W. That's a minor (100MHz) bump up from the X6 1090T, but it comes with a price reduction, too. The X6 1100T will go for only $265, while the 1090T drops to $235 and the 1075T to $199. That means the X6 1100T will briefly do battle with the Core i7-860, which lists for $284, before Sandy Bridge comes along in a few weeks and changes the math again.

Also today, AMD has freshened up its high-frequency dual-core offering in the form of the Phenom II X2 565 Black Edition. With a 3.4GHz core clock, a fully-enabled 6MB L3 cache, an 80 W TDP, and an unlocked upper multiplier, the X2 565 should be a very nice budget gaming CPU. At a price of $115, the X2 565 will have to contend with Intel's Core i3-550, currently at $117 list. We have to admit, though, that we'd probably be more inclined to go for AMD's value quad, the Athlon II X4 645 at 3.1GHz, for $112.

The final new addition to AMD's stable is the Athlon II X3 455, which adds another 100MHz to the top spot in the X3 lineup while keeping the price steady at $87. Max power draw is unchanged, too, with a TDP of 95W.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we'll go shotgun a case of Red Bull and get back to testing the avalanche of new hardware under which we're currently buried. You can expect a review of all three of these new processors—just as soon as we can manage it.

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