Zacate-equipped Gigabyte Mini-ITX mobo pictured

AMD isn't going to release its Zacate accelerated processing unit for a little while still, but that hasn't stopped a photo of a Zacate-based Gigabyte Mini-ITX board from leaking out onto the web—thanks to X-bit labs and an anonymous "industrial source" who allegedly sent the image. The pictured board looks pretty compelling, with PCI Express x16 connectivity and AMD's top-of-the-line E350 APU, the same one we got to test last month, installed out of the box.

The Gigabyte GA-E350V-USB3 also has four Serial ATA ports, two full-sized DIMM slots, USB 3.0 connectivity, and from the looks of it, at least DVI and VGA display outputs. Based on the "DDR3 1800+" label on the board, it would also appear that Gigabyte will offer some overclocking functionality. Interesting.

If one thing doesn't really enthuse me, though, it's that pint-sized fan stuck onto the processor heatsink. That's gotta be a 40-mm fan, and those are known for producing annoying whining noise, getting clogged up with dust, and slowly dying in an agonizing crescendo. I think a bigger heatsink with a larger fan, or perhaps no fan at all, would be more appropriate for a small-form-factor Zacate rig.

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