If you would, take a peek at a little something we've been working on and give us your feedback. We think we're close, but we want to make sure it passes muster with you all for usability and such.

Answers to questions:

-Will there a blue version?  Yes, but it is still very much a work in progress.

-Will there be a wide version?  Yes, but it may take a little longer to implement.  I'm thinking of making it a little less wide than our current wide template, so it's more broadly usable.  Personally I would use a wide template if it weren't quite so extreme.

-Where did the scrolly news go?  Lesson learned here.  We thought our present scrolly front page might be a nice change, but it has hurt us, frankly.  We need to have more of our marquee content indexed on the front page of the site.

-Can I get the scrolly news if I want it?  Yes, we already have a news page template in the works.  We're considering some kind of switchable cookie to allow the front page to morph into a scrolly news page if you wish, but that won't likely be a first-release feature.

-We fear change.  We apologize for putting you through it, but we hope to improve the site for our total readership in some important ways.  We need this change in order to accomplish some important goals, like survival.  Also, we have tried to incorporate some of the most cherished elements of our past designs in this new look. We think perhaps it may be a useful improvement once it becomes familiar to folks.


We're not finished with this layout yet.  Now is the time when we can address your concerns, so if you have them, please let us know.  Thanks.

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