Notion Ink prices Adam tablets, starts taking pre-orders

The trickle of iPad alternatives coming to market hasn't yet turned into a torrent, but the selection is growing more diverse. Notion Ink's Tegra-powered Adam slate is one of the more intriguing options on the fast-approaching horizon, and new details have emerged about its pricing an expected availability. Folks who have participated in the comments on Notion Ink's blog are now getting the first crack at pre-orders for the 10" slate, and there are a whopping six versions available.

At the bottom of the line, a $375 base model offers a standard LCD and Wi-Fi connectivity. Upgrade that version to a Pixel Qi transreflective screen that's viewable in direct sunlight, and the price jumps to $499. Adding 3G connectivity costs an additional $50, and consumers can choose between two radio types to combine with either the LCD or Pixel Qi display.

The Adam runs a heavily customized version of Android 2.2 dubbed Eden, and it looks like users won't be getting an upgrade to Android 2.3 or subsequent versions. That's a little disappointing, but the UI screenshots on Notion Ink's blog do look pretty slick. The blog also highlights a number of Eden enhancements that offer similar functionality to the new Android hotness.

I've been hot for tablet for a while now, and the Adam's Pixel Qi display is incredibly tempting. The limited 1024x600 display resolution is a little worrying, but the Adam wins back some points with a microSD card slot, USB and HDMI ports, Bluetooth, and that second-gen Tegra system-on-chip. I'd still still like to see more of these tablets in action before pulling the trigger on one of my own. The Adam is definitely my favorite so far, though.

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