Revamped Control Center premieres in latest Catalysts

Here's an early Christmas present for all you Radeon owners. Not only is there a new set of Catalyst graphics drivers ripe for the picking, but this month's driver update is also available with a completely revamped Catalyst Control Center. AMD has done away with the dull, slightly awkward user interface of the previous version, replacing it with a slick, tasteful-looking, and visibly better-organized layout:

What you see above is the default view, which shouldn't be too intimidating to budding enthusiasts and non-hardcore gamers. A trip to the Preferences menu lets you enable the Advanced view, which fills the left column with extra options and, er, advanced settings. As far as I can see, all of the items from the old Catalyst Control Center have made it into the new one, just with a fresh coat of paint around 'em.

Now, AMD says it's merely letting folks "try out the brand new Catalyst Control Center before it’s officially part of the AMD Catalyst package," so don't go in expecting everything to be polished to a mirror shine. In my very humble opinion, though, what's there now is already a huge step up over the clunky old UI of the previous CCC.

If you're not here for beta control panels, you'll be happy to know the 10.12 Catalyst release has more in its bag of tricks. There's DivX acceleration for Radeon HD 6800-series graphics processors (thanks to DivX Accelerated software due out on the 15th), support for OpenGL 4.1, and support for version 2.3 of AMD's Stream developer toolkit, which purportedly boosts OpenCL performance (among other improvements). Download links for the Catalyst 10.12 drivers, both with and without the new-and-improved Catalyst Control Center beta, are available now from the usual place—AMD's Game website.

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