Report: PC makers warming to Tegra for tablets

Despite looking quite promising on paper, Nvidia's Tegra processors haven't exactly been enjoying widespread adoption in the industry (well, unless you count the Zune HD). Tegra may finally get its just desserts next year, though. DigiTimes reports that Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Samsung, and several companies in China and Europe all plan to launch Tegra 2-based tablets in 2011.

This report, which DigiTimes bases on "sources from notebook players," goes on to say two driving forces have helped Nvidia secure more design wins: Tegra's powerful graphics logic, which can accelerate Flash and 3D games, and price discounts offered by the company. Considering relatively quick 3D graphics aren't exactly a new thing in ARM-based smartphone SoCs, I'd be tempted to think the price discounts have more to do with it. Again, though, Tegra does look pretty compelling on paper.

In any case, enjoying broad adoption in the burgeoning tablet market could do good things for Nvidia's bottom line, not to mention help the firm diversify its business in a tangible way—something it's been attempting to do for a while now. You might recall a Businessweek article from this summer, which noted in so many words that Nvidia's future hinges on Tegra and Tesla. One analyst was quoted as saying, "At this point, because they've focused the Street on Tesla and Tegra, they need to deliver."

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