Bill of Rights Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. P2P first seeders: Pirates or “masked philanthropists”?
  2. EFF: Appeals court holds that e-mail privacy protected by Fourth Amendment
  3. Solid state drives no better than others, survey says
  4. TC Magazine: MSI readies AMD E-350 APU-powered CR650 notebook
  5. Expreview: Soyo Fusion APU motherboard surfaced
  6. Fudzilla reports U.S. Radeon HD 6970 sells for $377.86
  7. Google’s ChromeOS means losing control of data, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman
  8. Fudzilla: U.S. spooks give thumbs up to Microsoft IE 9

Bill of Rights Day

  1. AMD reportedly to hire ex-Nokia VP to fill president of Greater China position, says report
  2. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg named Time magazine’s person of the year
  3. DigiTimes: Toshiba denies rumor Apple will invest in mobile display subsidiary
  4. Ars Technica: Waveguides make quantum computers more reliable
  5. DSLReports: Rogers’ new throtttling system cripples speeds

    and claims resurface concerning congested Comcast TAT links

  6. TorrentFreak: Author slams eBook piracy, son outs her as a music pirate
  7. Mac 101: Securing your passwords after the Gawker breach
  8. Panasonic to retain Avatar Blu-ray 3D exclusivity till 2012 – report

Hardware news

  1. TUAW: Apple could sell record-breaking 4.3 million Macs this holiday
  2. Hacksugar: Mac-based AirPlay service allows device-to-Mac playback
  3. DigiTimes: Component suppliers to benefit from surging demand for all-in-one PCs

    and Asus internally aiming to ship 25 million notebooks in 2011, says paper

    and Lenovo to increase shipment proportion for 13.3″ slim notebooks for 2011

  4. VR-Zone: Corsair launches low voltage 4GB Dominator GT 2133MHz DDR 1.5v kit
  5. X-bit labs: Toshiba intros lineup of enterprise-class SSDs
  6. TC Magazine: OWC offering Do-It-Yourself (DIY) SSD upgrade kits

    and Pioneer releases BDXL-ready Blu-ray writer in the U.S.

    and LG promises smoothest picture ever with its Nano LED TVs

  7. TUAW: Apple updates iOS 4.2.1 for Apple TV
  8. Engadget: Arc Touch Mouse now on sale for $60 at all Microsoft retail stores
  9. TC Magazine: Thermaltake intros 80 Plus Bronze-rated TR2 power supplies
  10. C|Net reports IBM’s Watson supercomputer set for ‘Jeopardy’ battle
  11. Newegg’s 24-hour sale (for 12/15 only) and Marketplace Deals

Newegg holiday bargain hunter – 12/15

  1. $40 off 1000W Kingwin LZG-1000 PSU
  2. $10 off 2TB Seagate Barracuda LP SATA 3.0Gb/s

    (extra $5 off with promo code EMCYTZT248)

  3. $150 off 32″ Calypso CLP-32LE110 LED-LCD HDTV
  4. Belkin BE107200-06 surge protector

    (save $8 off with promo code EMCYTZT249)

  5. $40 off black onyx stone men’s designer cufflinks set
  6. $200 off 21.5″ Sony Vaio J series all-in-one desktop
  7. Linksys WRT610N dual-N band wireless router

    (save $70 off with promo code EMCYTZT250)


  1. Sprint: No plans to buy out Clearwire
  2. X-bit labs: Broadcom develops system-on-chip for low-cost smartphones
  3. Tablets become epicenter for convergence says iSuppli
  4. Fudzilla reports Dell Venue Pro delayed
  5. AnandTech’s Nexus S and Android 2.3 review: Gingerbread for the holidays
  6. HotHardware’s Apple iOS 4.2 review: Refinement and enablement
  7. SuperSite for Windows on Windows Phone 7: Too big to fail?
  8. Engadget: Swiftkey Android keyboard goes HD, adds

    new tongues and improved language protection

  9. TC Magazine: Google Voice iOS app gets iPad and iPod touch support
  10. TUAW: Epic Games to release updated Unreal dev kit for iOS

    on Thursday and Infinity Blade update coming next week


  1. Microsoft December 2010 security release ISO image
  2. PCWorld: Internet hit by wave of fake PC ‘defrag’ tools
  3. Chrome OS: Will the real (potential) user please stand up?
  4. C|Net: Flash video gets a cloud option through Amazon
  5. TUAW: RIP, Adobe Media Player
  6. Fudzilla: AMD’s Catalyst gets thumbs up from Microsoft
  7. SuperSite for Windows: Microsoft to extend Office 2010

    security features to older Office versions

  8. Switched: Ex-Googler’s ‘Disconnect‘ extension disables third-party data tracking
  9. Fix “no matching plugin was found” while installing latest JDK in Ubuntu
  10. n00bs on Ubuntu: Install Foobnix music player on Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”
  11. HowtoForge: Installing and using OpenVZ on Fedora 14
  12. 7Smoker Pro 2.4
  13. Microsoft Junk E-mail Filter for Outlook 2007 and 2003 – December 2010
  14. Opera 11.00 RC2
  15. TC Magazine: Trillian 5.0 beta sheds more bugs


  1. GamesBeat: OnLive says it has a fundamental patent on cloud-based games
  2. Nintendo’s next-gen console may be similar to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 – analyst
  3. MCV: Another five years for Xbox 360?
  4. Shacknews: Crytek secures Chinese publisher for Warface, trailer shows pre-alpha gameplay

    and Uncharted 3 gameplay footage debuts on Fallon and

    Killzone 3 gets splitscreen co-op for campaign as byproduct of 3D

    and Heroes of Newerth update 2.0 launches with new map, casual mode

    and Call of Duty: Black Ops update out for consoles

  5. Joystiq: Ender’s Game tabled by Chair
  6. Microsoft quietly launches new casual, online multiplayer game
  7. LinuxGames reports Tux Games is back
  8. Cataclysm hotfixes – updated Dec. 14
  9. Killing Floor and Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter updates released on Steam
  10. Humble Bundle 2 is live: 5 great games, no DRM, pay what you want
  11. Steam’s midweek madness – Killing Floor at 66% off + new “London’s Finest” character pack
  12. Steam’s weeklong sale – 30% off on Football Manager 2011
  13. GOG’s 2010 holiday sale: Up to 50% off our catalog
  14. Joystiq: Quake Arena Arcade now on XBLA for $15, Quake Live introduces ‘Premium Pak 5’

Radeon HD 6900 series reviews

  1. ABT, AnandTech, Guru3D, Hardware Canucks, [H]ard|OCP, Hartware,,

    HotHardware, Legit Reviews, Neoseeker, OCC, PC Perspective, TechSpot, and

    VR-Zone review AMD Radeon HD 6970 & HD 6950

  2. InsideHW on Radeon HD 6900 series
  3., t-break, and Technic3D (in German) review AMD Radeon HD 6970
  4. Benchmark Reviews and KitGuru review PowerColor HD 6970
  5. Tweaknews on XFX Radeon HD 6970
  6. TweakTown reviews Sapphire Radeon HD 6970 and 6950 2GB
  7. techPowerUp! reviews HIS HD 6970 and 6950 2GB
  8. KitGuru tests HIS HD 6970 CrossFireX
  9. techPowerUp! tests Asus Radeon HD 6950 in CrossFire


  1. PC Perspective reviews 14″ Lenovo T410s Core i5 / Optimus notebook
  2. LostCircuits on Asus ENGTX460 DirectCU
  3. XtremeComputing reviews Inno3D GeForce GTX 460 OC
  4. HDTV: Ars Technica’s guide for the perplexed
  5. Funky Kit reviews Thermaltake Armor A30 mini-ATX case
  6. Tweaknews on Vantec Nexstar NST-D400S3 USB 3.0 dual-bay hard drive dock
  7. TechReaction reviews Noctua NH-C12P SE14
  8. FrostyTech reviews Noctua NH-C14 heatsink
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    • 9 years ago

    A Soyo motherboard? What is this Zombie Appreciation Day?

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    • 9 years ago

    “Lenovo to increase shipment proportion for 13.3″ slim notebooks for 2011”

    *Crosses fingers for more light laptops with matte screens*

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    Did he spill his coffee on his keyboard, again?

    • jdaven
    • 9 years ago

    Fudzilla: AMD’s Catalyst gets thumbs up from Microsoft

    Slowly but surely it’s stories like this that will finally change the minds of PC enthusiasts about ATI graphic drivers. They have been as stable to more stable than Nvidia for years now but it’s taking time for enthusiasts to realize this.

    It’s not 1995 anymore guys!

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      I thought it was the driver control panel that was the current issue?

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    !st SSK is sleeping?

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        That pic was from 5 yrs ago before kids, I want something current lol

        And Bill of Rights

        I dont like any kind of BILLS, well the ones that come in the mail anyway.

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      Nah he is either changing diapers, or out looking for work or out filling out EI papers to get some of that tax money back.

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